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Jennifer Butler Design is a leading interior design group specializing in custom luxury residences and hospitality environments.

A Note from Jennifer

My vision for Jennifer Butler Design has always been to create interiors that enrich the lives of those who dwell in them. One of my favorite parts of the design process is getting to know our clients and learning about what they love and the nuances of their unique characters.  My role is to weave together interior design solutions that are exclusively tailored for each client and their distinctive lifestyle.

Our studio is passionately committed to design that results in beautiful environments and exceptional living experiences.  We look forward to designing one-of-a-kind spaces for all of our discerning clients that will last for years to come.

À bientôt,
Jennifer Butler

Our Difference

Established in 2003, Jennifer Butler Design is widely recognized as a preeminent design firm with an outstanding team of professional designers.

At JBD, we intentionally allow the design direction of each project to be led by our client’s personalities and preferences.  We do not subscribe to a signature style for our clients to follow.

The thread that holds our work together is a collaborative experience where we attend to each detail with precision and care from start to finish.  Every project we undertake we value doing it right the first time and taking measures to ensure that our work is designed and executed with the highest level of quality and craftsmanship.  


Our Expertise

Our Grand Rapids-based studio is noted for attracting a diverse group of homeowners and business owners from across the country looking for designers that provide a finer caliber of interior design and service.

Our portfolio of work includes new construction and renovation of custom luxury and waterfront residences, professional offices, hospitality environments, day spas, and private health and wellness practices.  Our projects span from the Michigan lakefront, throughout the Grand Rapids Metro area to New Mexico, Chicago, Florida and New Jersey.


Our Mark

We are mindful of designing interiors that leave a gentle footprint on our built environment.  While there are many ways we do this, one way is by providing LEED Accredited Professional designers on our team who are knowledgeable about developments in sustainable building practices and are able to offer solutions for homeowners and business owners looking to create buildings that are more resource-efficient, cost-effective, socially-conscious, and enhance the quality of life for the people who make and use them.


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