Create your own color trend!

So you're looking to make some color changes in your space and you're trying to decide which direction to go.

Here are some steps.


1.  The first thing you might do is look in a design magazine (as shown below):

House Beautiful could be one.  It says that there are 500+ Favorite paint colors.  You're blown away by all of the choices.  How will you narrow them down and find what's right for you and your space?

2.  Then you search the web looking for color trends.  

After finding them you're afraid to make a choice.  You realize that trends shift quickly and if you do anything now you could be outdated by the time the paint is dry.  This keeps you from making a decision and your project may be left suspended; or worse you spontaneously make a choice based on well, you're not even sure, and you regret it.



3.  At this point, you consider working with a designer.  This is how it works.

Whether these colors are for your business or for your home, a good designer will look at your space, personal preferences, location, lifestyle, level of formality desired, and how you'd like your environment to allow you to feel.  

 - For a family they should look at how you function as a family as well as individuals.

 - For a business they should look at:  your business type, corporate identity, brand, and the message you'd like it to convey.  But also how you and your team functions within the space.

Whether it's an entire home or work environment or a single room; a good designer searches for what's ideal for you.  Certain color directions allow you to feel your best whether that is comfortably stylish or powerfully elegant.  Trends are fun but they will forever be a moving target.  What is the desired affect you'd like to give?

 - Are you looking for a space that soothes and allows you to relax and destress? 

 - Would you prefer a space that is  casually elegant with a high level of function for an active family?

 - Or maybe you'd like some formality in an area where you often entertain also reflect your image?

A successful result is having the colors in your space give the desired visual impact and lasting impression, while creating an atmosphere that reflects your desired feeling.