Does your home tell your story? 

Is your home honestly true to yourself, your family and your lifestyle?  In this short four part blog series, we look for clues to discover the rewarding process of designing a meaningful home.  We’ll explore the meaning behind the vision for your dream home, we'll identify how you naturally live at home, we'll learn what to shed from where you reside, and how to confidently and truthfully love the way you live.


Probing the meaning behind your vision for your dream home

Ask yourself what kind of home you want to live in both now and in the future.  Then ask yourself why.  If your list is long, prioritize what’s most important.  Getting to the root of why you want the home you are building, renovating, or updating will help tremendously when it comes to making many big and small decisions about your abode.  If your choices don’t align with your core values, it may be time to reassess what is most important to you about your home. 

Start early!  It’s much easier to evaluate what drives your vision at the beginning of a home design or redesign.  If you get sidetracked, remember your roots.  If need be, reassess and redirect before it’s too late.  By deeply probing the meaning behind your home, pulling together the pieces will be a simpler process and far clearer reflection of your character and your story. 

To get started, here are a few key matters to contemplate before beginning your next project:

-What location suits you?  How does that impact your needs and lifestyle patterns?  Waterfront? Urban high rise? Country? City?
-For a family, identify what ages, needs and activities you may want to tailor your home to.
-Look to the future.  If you have small children now, consider how you might repurpose space to accommodate kids as they grow.
-To promote health and comfort of friends and family, consider the needs of those who may be aging or ailing.
-How much privacy do you prefer in your home?
-Do you have or want any pets?  How do they integrate with your family?  Where might their space be in your home?
-Do you entertain much?  What level of formality and openness would best support your style of entertaining?
-In the kitchen, how do you cook?  How often do you cook?  How many cooks do you have?  What is your cooking style?
-Do you work at home?  Who works and how do they work?  Do you work best in silence or in the open with the buzz of activity?