Jennifer is a relator to the core! Her love for connecting with people in an authentic and meaningful way energizes and motivates her. Every relationship is important; handling them with genuine understanding, respect, and honesty is her definitive strength. Jennifer is undeniably fun; her laugh is positively infectious. When not riding her Arab horses, Dallas and Mister, Jennifer would love to be satiating her severe wanderlust. Fluent in french, she recalls fond memories of Poitiers and Tours, France where she spent a year in language study and interning. Jennifer holds degrees from Kendall College of Art & Design and Grand Valley State University in interior design and business with french, respectively. After ten years of varied design experience, in 2003 Jennifer was compelled to start her own business. She resides in Cascade, with her husband Todd and limitless joy, daughter, Reese. 


Heather is a pure peacemaker. In her design work she unravels and creates interior space into livable and beautiful sanctuaries. Her calm demeanor and positive spirit make Heather a magnetic force. Heather’s creative energy is fueled by time spent camping on Lake Leelanau or playing board games with family and friends, traveling overseas and mornings beginning with a good cup of tea.  Heather went on her first safari while recently visiting her older brother in South Africa. Native to Kalamazoo, she moved to Grand Rapids where she studied and graduated from Kendall College of Art & Design. Heather’s perspective is always bright. Her parting truth on life? Laugh, have fun, enjoy it. It's good to be alive!

Chelsea is an explorer. From the small town and swampland of Mattawan outside of Kalamazoo, Chelsea is in her own when exploring nature. She once swam with manatees, which she describes as an unexpectedly terrifying experience, treading water beside mammoth sea being is not as serene as one might expect. Chelsea brings smart design thinking to JBID. She loves sketching and rendering interior space, a natural match for her steady hand and imaginative mind. Chelsea’s contagious energy for adventure typically begins with a caffeine-propelled dash out of the house in the morning. She can be found studying in the interior design and illustration departments at Kendall College of Art and Design with tumbler and earbuds at hand or in the office with the JBID team wearing her favorite slippers.

Amy is an assimilator. She loves to think, learn, absorb, understand and integrate. She’s part chameleon, naturally and easily adapting to her latest habitat. Both designer and storyteller, Amy’s ability to identify and empathize with others help guide her intrinsic creative sensibilities. Amy grew up in the Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to Grand Rapids to attend Calvin College graduating in 2002. She has lived in London and Beijing. Among her extensive travel, a flight and float day trip in Alaska is an exceptional favorite. With nearly ten years of architectural experience and as a LEED AP, Amy brings a holistic perspective to interior space. Amy resides in the NYC Metropolitan Area with husband KC and sons, Malachi, Channing and Ewan. When she isn’t wearing her mom hat, she enjoys painting and a glass of pinot noir with friends.