Business, But Life

When Jennifer is invited to lead and coach a client in an interior design project, she does it for you. It's not for her own self-aggrandisement and it's not so she can put a stamp of her logo on a dazzling photograph of the completed project. Jennifer is in the business of interior design, because it is her gifting, it is her love.

But, more importantly, Jennifer is in the business of people. Interior design is not about us. Interior design is beyond us; it's about people, it's about you. It's about finding out what and how we can help you through interior design. Jennifer's approach to business is shaped by those relationships. But Jennifer doesn't just treat people this way in her studio, she aims to treat people this way in every aspect of her life.

How you treat others is a measure of who you are as a person.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Laureate & Human Rights Activist, shared these words at the LeaderCast event Jennifer attended at Calvin College this month. The encouragement to lead in business and in life as a servant really resonated with us. We understand that servanthood comes at a cost, and therein lies our challenge.  Jennifer puts it this way,

Interior design is the easy part, it's the relationship part that's hard.

Even though our relationships take work, people are the fundamental reason why we do it! We find fulfillment in connecting with our clients and serving them in a way we can really help - through good interior design! When we put our logo on our work, it's because we're excited about the results, the results of people-centered design, the results of putting our clients first.