3-Key Reasons Why 3-D Modeling Matters.

He's standing in the kitchen, comparing our 3D drawings in hand to what he sees being built around him. 

"I'm shocked! They're building it the way you modeled it!"

This is the reaction we heard from a current client and homeowner that we provided a 3D model of their kitchen renovation for.  We do love the responses we get when we walk a client through a 3D model, but we don't just do it for the positive attention or because it makes a client's eyes glow. Here are three key reasons why 3-D modeling for interior design really matters. 

Final 3D rendering for a remodel of an Ada, Michigan living space. 

1 -
3D modeled space is easier for people to visualize than 2D plans, elevations and details. 

By viewing a room in 3D from several angles, it's much easier to envision what an interior environment will look and feel like and to simulate flow when moving from space to space. Not only does the client benefit from a z-axis dimensional presentation, a designer's process of discovery is altogether improved when molding a space in three dimensions by actualizing what can't be seen in only x and y. 

For the client we mentioned, "shocked" by the realization of what was once only on paper, Jennifer recalls her experience when reviewing the 3D drawings with him and his wife for approval.

I could see in their eyes, they understood.

 Sequence showing progression of drawings from sketch to CAD elevation and 3D model to 3D rendering.

2 -
3D design stimulates better questions, confident decisions, and more timely and enjoyable meetings. 

Working around a large screen, Jennifer can virtually walk a client through their interior space. Areas of concern can be modified during a meeting or easily identified for further improvement. 3D-modeled interior space also elicits informed and confident approval processes. 3D models generate discussion where it's wanted and cuts down on tangential topics that soak up valuable meeting time. 

3 -
3D drawings aid builders in understanding design intent and building it right the first time.

A 3D sketch is often provided today as a part of a set of construction documents to highlight areas that may be easily misunderstood. This approach cuts down on the possibility for error and offers a better shot at getting something built right the first time, which translates into projects that are built well, on time, and completed within budget!

Final 3D rendering for a remodel of an Ada, Michigan open living room and bar.