The Full Front on Backsplashes

Looking for a backsplash doesn't sound all that difficult. Or does it?

You step into a showroom and you'd be amazed at how many options are available that you didn't even know existed. The range of materials, patterns, textures and colors are seemingly endless. And all for a simple surface meant to protect our walls and easily clean up after the splashes of washing or cooking.

Though backsplashes do serve a functional purpose and today you can integrate all sorts of gadgets with your backsplash to really leverage their role in the kitchen, think about the broader aesthetic impact they also make. Think beyond slapping on the basic subway tile and grout (though even these have their due place), and look more widely at the canvas your splash will cover and the artistic composition it will play in your kitchen or bath.

To stretch your imagination, here are three examples of backsplashes we've designed all using tile but in unique ways and all with vastly different artistic effects.

This Italian porcelain tile is grooved so that when grouted it creates a cool overall ombre effect.
For more about this updated 80's modern kitchen design visit Jennifer Butler's Kitchen Progress

Individual vertically stepped glass tiles in red, black, gray and ivory elevate the moody drama in this eclectic Harbor Springs kitchen.  For more about this project visit Harbor Springs Residence, Church Renovation.

A porcelain subway tile backsplash is punctuated with a stacatto rhythm of glass in a pale beach tone. The oversized backsplash spanning from countertop to ceiling features as a full mural annunciated by a graceful arching window.  To learn more about this waterfront home visit Pentwater Cottage on Lake Michigan.