If you care about interior design, chances are, you also care about fashion.  And vice versa!  We've been talking in the studio about how the two industries are related and why and how they connect.  The more we talk about it, the more relationships we find!  In the same way that we love the links between home and fashion, we found a few others that agree.  We reached out to Rebecca Wierda at Leigh's, Grand Rapid's luxury women's retail destination.  Rebecca with her creative director, Patrick Plank, shared their perspective on the subject with us - we're excited to share that conversation in the next issue of Michigan Home & Life magazine.  The winter issue is still in production, but watch for it on shelves in December!

We've also seen a movement in New York, where design influencers are investing in, experimenting with, and exploring the subject.  This short but persuasive trailer for a documentary in production called, Interior Motives, is one of the latest developments on the conversation.  You'll hear from the most respected leaders in the design and fashion world specifically address the subject of the collision of interior design and fashion.  We're watching for the release date - this would be such a great film to watch at the UICA, yes?!

For More on the Film, read: Natalie Shirinian Dishes About Her Latest Documentary for Editor at Large

As a follow up to the trailer, Blue Carreon, author of Conversations: Up Close and Personal with Icons for Fashion, Interior Design and Art, reinstates for Forbes how the landscape of interiors and fashion are converging -

“There are fashion designers who have expanded their visions into home lines like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta and Tory Burch. Interior designers and decorators in turn often look to fashion for color stories, for patterns.  Some even adapt dressmaking techniques and details into upholstery and wall covering.” 

(Interior Motives: A Documentary Finds Link Between Fashion and Décor (Forbes.com, April 2015)

Natalie Shrinian, founder of Entry Pictures, and producer of Interior Motives, further explores the question about the relationship in a blog series for The Huffington Post called:

"FINEPHILIA: ‘F’ for fashion / ‘IN’ for interiors / ‘PHILIA’ for the love of both"

Shirinian probes both with Interior Motives and in FINEPHILIA the interlacing of the fashion and interior design worlds, speaking with today’s most prominent minds and influential designers in pursuit of understanding “why [they] need each other to thrive”. 

In her conversation with Los Angelos interior designer Vance Burke, for FINEPHILIA, Burke insists on the relationship between interiors and fashion, “One could not exist without the other.  Life is a stage and sets require wardrobes.”  

Art and Fashion and a Sense of Humor

For a good laugh, and a much more literal example on the connection between art and fashion, this is a must watch from Architectural Digest.

Robert Verdi for Architectural Digest from Marcus K Jones on Vimeo.

In the video narrative for Architectural Digest in April 2015, home and fashion reporter, Robert Verdi, submits that the collision of fashion and art is significant because together they “catalogue our history” and “tell every story.”  Verdi demonstrates this point in his own comedic style by showing how he has unintentionally coordinated his personal art collection with his wardrobe.

Verdi is right.  Art, fashion, and interior design tell stories about how we live and what we love and value. When we invite someone into our home or step out of the house, it’s a vulnerable and sartorial act of self-expression.  Our fashion choices and interior settings disclose authenticity about our identity, complexities and affections. 

Authenticity, when we act out what we believe, builds trust.  And trust builds rich and lasting relationships, beginning with basic acts like getting dressed and creating a home.

The relationship between fashion and interiors hasn't always been so connected.  Yet now, we see those borders falling irreversibly, with the crossing of disciplines resulting in innovations and fresh outlooks in design.  We'll be digging deeper into some exciting developements in how fashion and interiors are coming together to address poignant needs in our communities.  Can't wait to share more about that in our next post!

Au revoir!
Jennifer and Amy