DESIGN Services

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Interior Architecture bridges exterior architecture with the more permanent features of its interior expression. We allow the surrounding influences of a building to inform the architectural design of the interior. This results in integral and sensible design solutions and more cohesive homes and businesses. Interior architectural components enhance the inner shell of a building and set the stage for the development of interior design.

Custom architectural design, selection and documentation of:

  • space planning

  • trim, mouldings, wall details

  • cabinetry and casework

  • stair components

  • fireplace surrounds

  • beams, columns, ceiling details

  • exterior and interior doors

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Interior Design enhances the interior architecture with built-in features and applied materials and finishes. Your personal style continues to emerge as the interior design for your home or business takes shape. We take a holistic approach to interior design, considering the entire building as we design each room. Our designers observe and understand human behavior and balance an evidence-based understanding of interiors with artistic design principles and creativity.

Custom interior design, selection and documentation of:

  • materials and finishes of interior architectural components

  • flooring materials and finishes

  • wall and ceiling materials and finishes

  • cabinet and countertop materials and finishes

  • plumbing fixtures and hardware

  • lighting fixtures and electrical elements

  • appliances

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Interior décor is the accessory of interior design. It is our decidedly edited and customized selection of items that elevate the beauty, comfort and design of your interior space. The implementation of interior décor is where your unique personality really begins to shine.  

Custom interior decoration design, selection and documentation of:

  • furniture and fabrics

  • bedding, linens and pillows

  • window treatments

  • art and accessories

  • rugs

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Our fundamental approach to coordination services is to guide our clients through their interior design project in a professional manner and work with the project team to support the smooth development and execution of design intent.  We are respectful of your time, money and resources when managing your interior design project, making the process surprisingly stress-free, enjoyable, and fun.

Our project management of interior design services include:

  • project organization and client liaison and advocate

  • provision and coordination of subcontractors

  • meetings and collaboration with team and trades

  • proposals and facilitation of orders, deliveries, and installations

  • site visits and walkthroughs as required

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Our drawings, models and supporting materials help you visualize our design throughout development so it is easy to understand and respond to. Our drawings and documentation are prepared clearly and concisely to both communicate interior design intent and provide pertinent information for permit and construction as required.

Documentation of interior design plans include:

  • floor plans, elevations, and details

  • selection and specification schedules

  • furniture, fixture and finish diagrams

  • meeting records and notes

  • 3D models and renderings


Consultation Services

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  • 2-hour on-site consultation

  • Prepaid Flat Rate Fee + Drive Time

This time is yours. During an in-home interior design consultation, you can expect us to answer your questions and help create a strategy for meeting specific goals for your project. To make the best of this time, prepare a place in your home for us to meet and work, gather any materials or drawings you have, draft an agenda, and outline your questions. Be ready to take plenty of notes during your consultation! We will come prepared with our knowledge and expertise to help educate and guide you toward implementing the best interior design solutions for your lifestyle and unique needs. If you would like to continue working with us after your consultation, we can create a proposal to resume design for your project.

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Introductory Consultation

  • 1-hour consultation in studio or 1/2 hour by phone

  • Complimentary

Our introductory consultation is a time for us to get to know each other and to discuss the interior design project you have in mind. As you consider hiring a designer to help you meet your goals, we will schedule time to dialogue about your objectives, help to discern the ideal path for your project and see if we are an optimal fit for carrying out its design. When we agree we’ve met a match, we draft a proposal, we both sign a letter of agreement, and we get your project started!


Additional Services

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CONCIERGE experience

We provide extended design amenities beyond the completion of our projects for an ongoing, sophisticated lifestyle experience.  Our dependable personal stylists tastefully ease your efforts when hosting guests, accommodating for a growing family, hosting a party, coordinating home services, making minor upgrades, organizing, gifting, and more.

Concierge interior design services include:

  • national and international procurement of antiques, furniture, lighting

  • procurement to furnish: linens, dishware, pantry, table settings, holiday decor

  • installation and placement of furnishings

  • delivery and unpacking and inspection of small furnishings

  • shopping for the perfect gift, gift basket arrangement

  • scheduling and coordinating home and waiting services

  • home organization

  • final cleaning before move in

  • preparation of second homes for guest arrival

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Our LEED Accredited Professional interior designers are knowledgeable about developments in sustainable building practices and are able to offer recommendations and solutions to clients who are looking to either make easily attainable, sustainable improvements to their home or business, or who are motivated to register a building project for certification.