Stenger & Stenger - Law Office Remodel

photography by Bill Lindhout

Beginning in a small tenant space, Stenger & Stenger has felt rapid growth since its inception. The firm had moved once before into a building in which they started as occupants of half the main floor and eventually grew into and out of the entire two-story space.

"You are expanding like crazy",

Jennifer echoed in a frank discussion with Mr. Stenger.  Her obvious and accurate assessment led Jennifer to make some bold suggestions for their new building on the corner of East Paris and Sparks, a late 80's/early 90's building once home to a real estate agent.

Jennifer listened carefully to Stenger & Stenger's current and future needs to deepen her understanding of the firm and their vision. From that assessment, combined with their past history and experience working together, Jennifer knew and clearly conveyed what needed to be done to accomplish their goals. 

A complete remodel for this leading professional law firm in Grand Rapids transformed dreary interiors into a stand-out space that is equally warm and inviting, as it is stately and sophisticated. "We did everything." From large conference space to shared meeting rooms, a huge copy/print/post room for managing mounding cases of law files, an open "bull pen" of employee offices and spacious private partner offices, Stenger & Stenger got the full makeover. We tore out more than we added and designed a light-filled, unified work enviornment that builds morale, and improves employee wellness, satisfaction and performance. And with growth projections like theirs, Jennifer urged, "You don't want to do this again. Let's do it right."

This project was an exercise in coaching for Jennifer. She was knowledgeable, confident, and forward-thinking which has allowed Stenger & Stenger to grow into their own skin. Time spent learning about how they function informed Jennifer's ability to guide and coach about good space planning that fit their method of working. Intentional spatial adjacencies now make for a cohesive work environment that suits their preferred work style and needs.