Jennifer Butler's Kitchen: READY FOR DEMOLITION

You know you love what you do when you start taking your work home with you.

Jennifer and her family are cooking and eating out of a makeshift kitchen while they gear up to completely gut their existing 1980's modern kitchen. We thought we would invite you to catch their vision and follow their progress.


The context for this undertaking is a 25 year old home with a kitchen original to the house. "Nothing has been touched, the floors have never been refinished, everything is 1985!"

"I don't know who thought cream plastic laminate cabinets and countertops were a good idea." The kitchen was hard to clean and stained easily. The old electric burner cooktop always looked dirty.


Though the kitchen left much to be desired, the U-shaped plan around an island was an asset Jennifer and Todd were happy with, so they're mostly sticking with the existing layout.


Jennifer and Todd wanted their kitchen redesign to fit the style of their 80's contemporary property, but to be a completely updated interpretation of that style. They wanted a kitchen that was easier to clean and that could be used for occassional entertaining. 

The plan for making that happen is pretty simple. Sleek, flat paneled cabinets with no detail, all new lighting, and new appliances with clean white glass surfaces. Todd and Jennifer opted for a glass induction cooktop.  "If you touch it, it won't burn you because it doesn't heat the glass." Instead, magnetic technology doesn't heat the cooktop, it only initiates the pan (when using the special 3-ply bottomed cookware it requires). It's easy to clean and safer with their bouncy little Reese around. Also, the island is getting bigger. The extended piece is planned as an eating area made of wood. The countertops everywhere else will be quartz. "It's not ultramodern, it's not traditional, it's contemporary."


Todd set up the shelter kitchen downstairs in an unfinished storage area. He did such a great job setting it up nicely, even the builder was impressed. "It's so spanking organized!" Jennifer says, also impressed.

Jennifer rarely uses a microwave, instead they almost always use the oven and stove for anything that needs reheating. Now that they're in triage mode, a microwave is being put to good use, however, Reese, Jennifer's kindergarten daughter wasn't sure at first what it was for.

With a plan in place, we're ready to bring home the hammer. Ready for demolition, follow Todd and Jennifer's progress as their kitchen renovation gradually unfolds. Stay tuned!