Our Brand Evolution

As we have catalyzed our mission in leading design for the sophisticated lifestyles of our clients, changing our name, website and brand to align with our exclusive level of service was a natural next step.



Jennifer Butler Interior Design is now
Jennifer Butler Design

Our design services have always included interior architecture, interior design and decor as well as outdoor planning and design.  We more recently expanded our services to include in-home consultations and luxury concierge services.  Changing our name signifies our whole design approach and our end-to-end level of service.  We have always looked at interior design as part of a bigger context, and this name change is simply a symbol of our continuing and uniquely holistic perspective and range of services.


Our website is now


We've improved our website to improve your experience.  We are dedicated to delivering a highly refined process of design and our website is no less important in the digital experience of our discerning guests and visitors.


Our new brand is a representation of our quality.

Our new brand is a symbol of the custom luxury quality of design we bring to our clients and their distinctive lifestyles. 

We attract a diverse group of homeowners and business owners from Grand Rapids, West Michigan and across the country. 

We provide a finer caliber of design and service for our client's residential and commercial projects.

Our new brand is a representation of the exclusivity and sophistication that our clients value.

Need some help getting your design project going? Hiring a professional like the designers at Jennifer Butler Design is a great place to start. We can bring definition and creativity to your ideas and goals for your home, office, business, new construction, renovation or remodel.  This frees you to focus on your family, your work, your travel and recreation while our experts take care of the design and implementation.  Rest assured that our designers will create environments that realize your vision for spaces to meet your luxury lifestyle, work style, and unique design style.

Jennifer Butler Design